Khairul Alam
Chief Operation Officer(COO)

Khairul Alam


Meet our COO

Khairul Alam, a tech-enthusiastic, digital business advancement & internationally certified soft
skill expert has a wide range of experiences in various fields with huge milestones.

Starting his career with one of the leading MNC as a social media expert, He has been serving many companies, startups, and print & media from home & abroad. Besides, as a trainer, he has been affiliated with the top organizations & ministries. Under his supervision, lots of trainees have become young digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, outsourcing experts, etc who are now contributing to our economy.

Coming from an engineering background, he always loves to deal with problem-solving, complex process improvement, technical operations & service enhancements. He also worked as a social & cultural activist, journalist, and program host at the early age of his career.