Sharmin Akter Ruma

Sharmin Akter Ruma


Sharmin Akter Ruma, a Bangladeshi woman entrepreneur, is the Chief Executive Officer of Center of Digital Marketing- CDM, which is considered the first sales-oriented Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. She is also CEO of Digideck, a business growth-oriented company in Dhaka. She is also associated with an eCommerce business & skill development firm named Digicart & D-Maestro respectively.

As a business graduate with brilliant results, she started her teaching career, at the Department of Business of Administration, Global Institute of Information Technology.
After completing her MBA, she started her career as a Welfare Officer in a reputed RMG industry. After that, she worked in the IT sector, bank, and Real estate company, where she played vital roles to improve consumer engagement, marketing & communications.

With extensive experience, she started her venture, CDM, from 2019 to now. Recently she is going to launch multiple ventures to create more employment opportunities. As a woman entrepreneur, she also motivates women to build up their businesses with better ROI & progress. As a passionate marketer, she believes in hardship, a positive mindset & gender equality to build a solid & sustainable business.

She loves to write blogs, listen to songs, & read books apart from her works. She also maintains community networks to support new entrepreneurs & collaborations.

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